Kelly Marie Tran Had the Best Damn Time at 'The Last Jedi' Premiere

"Kelly Marie Tran is how all of us would be if we were cast in a Star Wars film."

Over the weekend, at long last, Star Wars: The Last Jedi held its world premiere in Los Angeles. Fans lined the red carpet to get a glimpse of the saga's stars, and reactions to the long-awaited sequel are apparently good (I've been avoiding all of it -- really trying to stay spoiler-free). But hands down, the highlight of the premiere was the mega-franchise's newest star, Kelly Marie Tran, having the best damn time.

Tran plays Rose Tico, a behind-the-scenes Resistance nobody who gets thrust into the action when she goes on a mission with Finn. Up until recently, Tran -- much like Rose -- was also kind of a nobody, a struggling actress with a comedy background trying to break into Hollywood and working odd jobs to make ends meet. Until the biggest movie franchise of all time plucked her from obscurity to play a role that will most certainly make her a household name. And from the looks of it, she is not taking any of this shit for granted.

In addition to looking drop dread gorgeous in red, Tran was seen spending a good portion of the festivities adorably freaking out, getting visibly emotional, hugging everyone in sight and overall looking like she was genuinely totally stoked just to be there. As Dani Fernandez observed, via Twitter, "Kelly Marie Tran is how all of us would be if we were cast in a Star Wars film."

Kelly kind of lost it while thanking producer Ram Bergman for the opportunity.

She also kind of lost it while hugging co-star Daisy Ridley, who basically went through the same thing two years ago when she was introduced to the world in The Force Awakens.

Seeing Kelly's star rise kind of feels like we all got an invitation to this party.

Of course, Kelly's actual entourage for the evening included the fellow members of her all-female, all Asian American improv team, Number One Son.

Oh, her look for the evening? That stunning red number was a custom gown by Vietnamese designer Thai Nguyen, and her makeup was done by celebrity makeup artist Mai Quynh. Homegirl keeps it in the community.

#Repost @disneystudios ・・・ I love that Rose Tico is a background player in the Resistance. I like to think that if she were in “The Force Awakens”, she would have been one of the extras running around the Resistance base in that legendary scene where Finn and Poe reunite. Still, without these background players, the Resistance wouldn’t be able to fight The First Order! Who wants to fight a Tie Fighter in a broken X-Wing?! As someone who is new to this world, I never truly realized how many people are in the background getting someone ready for a premiere — and more importantly — how many people play a part in making a movie. I have so many Thank You’s for tonight, and this series of photos doesn’t cover even 5% of them. Anyway, enjoy this series of photos, and never forget those who helped you get where you are! Thank you to: @storyofmailife for my makeup, @marktownsend1 for my hair, @waymanandmicah — and Patrick! — for clothing me, and @thainguyenatelier for designing and creating my amazing dress for tonight. Shout out to @riancjohnson, Ram Bergman, Kathy Kennedy, and all the countless others who were crazy enough to give me a chance. AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, LOVE TO ALL THE FAMILY AND FRIENDS WHO HAVE SUPPORTED ME THROUGH THE CRAZINESS. We’re about to leave for the premiere, and I hope I do you all justice. SEE YOU SOON!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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But check the shoes.

A star is born. And she's pretty damn great.

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