No female snowboarder has nailed this trick. Until Chloe Kim.

"You'll definitely see it in competition next season."

She may have won an Olympic gold medal at the PyeongChang Winter Games, but it's pretty clear that Chloe Kim was just getting started. Last week, the teen snowboarding champ landed a frontside 1260 in practice -- a move no female pro has ever landed in competition. But, from the looks of it, not for long.

Kim shared a video of her landing the 1260 on Instagram:

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"After multiple penguin slides and ice burns all over my body it was worth it!!" the caption read.

Kim tells TransWorld Snowboarding that it took seven to ten tries to successfully land the trick for the video, after working on it for three days at her home pipe in Mammoth. Consider it a preview of coming attractions.

"You'll definitely see it in competition next season," Kim says.

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