A 2,000-Mile Bike Ride for Citizenship for All

Citizenship for All: Journey to Justice is a 37-day bike trip from Seattle to San Diego.

This summer, get on your bike and join the Dream Riders!

Citizenship for All: Journey to Justice is a 37-day bike trip from Seattle to San Diego, happening August 1 to September 6, and organized by National Korean American Service and Education Consortium (NAKASEC). Dream Riders from all over the country will be riding and making stops in 33 cities to talk about the importance of citizenship for all, and what citizenship means for marginalized communities.

The national Citizenship For All campaign rejects attempts to tear families apart and cut immigration on the backs of undocumented youth, and demands instead a clear pathway to citizenship for all non-citizens who have been denied this opportunity, including undocumented immigrants, temporary protected status recipients, diversity visa holders, and intercountry adoptees. The campaign also believes in a broader definition of "citizenship" that demands equal rights for every member of our society, regardless of their immigration status, race, or any other identity marker.

The border-to-border bike journey will be an opportunity to educate and engage diverse communities about the campaign and offer the opportunity to seed cross-cultural alliances that are critical to building a transformational movement towards justice for all.

Want to join in and help out? Whether it's for the full 45 days or for a few days, you're invited to ride along with Citizenship for All: Journey to Justice and show your dedication and commitment to communities. In addition, they're looking to partner with organizations and individuals to sponsor the ride in a variety of ways, including donating funds, resources, supplies and gear. They're also in need of folks to volunteers as much-needed legal professionals, health care supporters and van drivers.

This sounds like an awesome opportunity to do something fun while engaging in some incredibly important community-building. For further information about the Citizenship for All: Journey to Justice campaign, and to learn how you can get involved, visit the Dream Riders website.

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