Angry Asian Man for a Free, Open Internet

Growing up in the 80s and 90s, it was always apparent to me that there was a significant lack of Asian faces in TV and movies. So when I saw people who looked like me on the screen, for better or for worse, it always felt like a big deal.

That’s a big reason why I started Angry Asian Man in 2001. I wanted to write about content that I cared about -- media and news and everything in between for Asian American pop culture enthusiasts. I didn’t think anyone would read it but my friends, but the Internet made my blog accessible to Asian Americans spread out across the U.S.

Without Net Neutrality, I’m not sure if Angry Asian Man would exist in the same way today. Asian American narratives would still be out on the margins if the Internet didn’t allow open platforms to share our own stories.

I'm joining forces with 18MillionRising.org because it's so important that we make sure the House votes to save Net Neutrality. Contact your representative today and demand that they save Net Neutrality.

There are now 177 House representatives who support the Congressional Review Act (CRA) -- which could overturn the FCC's decision to end Net Neutrality rules. These rules are bad for our community, and bad for business and innovation. As a result, members of both parties are coming around to support the vote, like Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO).

Soon, AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast will start throttling speeds and creating fast and slow lanes on the Internet. As an Asian American who lives and works on the Internet, I’m worried that independent creators of color like me will be cut off from their audiences and be forced to pay high fees to even be seen by audiences hungry for our work.

A bipartisan majority of Senators already voted to stop the FCC earlier this year. Now we need 41 more votes in the House to force to save Net Neutrality. Will you tell your representative to sign the discharge petition and bring the CRA resolution to the floor for a vote today?

For the free and open internet,

Phil Yu

Angry Asian Man

(Thanks, Laura & 18 Million Rising)

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