Lynn Chen to direct 'I Will Make You Mine'

'Saving Face' star to write, direct, produce and star in final installment of 'Surrogate Valentine' trilogy.

It's like catching up with an old friend. Fans of the 2011 indie movie favorite Surrogate Valentine and its 2012 sequel Daylight Savings will be pleased to learn that a long-awaited third installment is in the works.

Lynn Chen to Direct Indie 'I Will Make You Mine'

Surrogate Valentine and Daylight Savings, written and directed by Dave Boyle followed the life, love and friendships of indie musician Goh Nakamura, who played a version of himself. I Will Make You Mine, the final installment in the trilogy, shares the perspective of three women, who are romantically linked to Nakamura, as they maneuver in to their 40s and face major life changes.

The film marks the directorial debut of our good friend Lynn Chen, who also wrote the screenplay, producing, and reprising her role as Rachel, starring alongside Ayako Fujitani and Yea-Ming Chen. The cast also includes Goh Nakamura, Tamlyn Tomita, Joy Osmanski, Mike Faiola, Christy Myers and Jeff Meacham.

Lynn says she was inspired to helm the film while taking a walk with Dave Boyle, a longtime collaborator. While he had always joked about making a third film, he admitted that it probably wasn't going to happen. When Lynn half-seriously expressed interest in taking it on, Dave said he'd help. It was all the encouragment she needed. Lynn immediately got to work on writing the script.

"I was surprised at how the story poured out of me," Lynn shares on her blog. "I wanted to tell the female perspective of the three women from the first two movies, which centered around my now good friend Goh Nakamura (playing himself). Not to get all woo-woo, but never before had I felt such a clear artistic calling. These characters, and this story, wanted to be reborn."

The film shoots in August in Los Angeles. Looking forward to this one.

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