Racist woman ruins everybody's morning commute

"It's too early for this shit."

So this was your morning subway shit show. In New York, a woman was arrested after attacking another passenger in a violent, racist assault on a subway train. It was, of course, all caught on camera.

The attack occurred Tuesday morning on the Brooklyn D train. In the video, the woman can be seen kicking, slapping, spitting, screaming and swearing at a fellow passenger, identified as Michelle Tung.

40-year-old Anna Lushchinskaya, who is apparently an attorney and has a previous train-related arrest, has been charged with menacing, weapons possession, attempted assault and harassment.

Fellow train passenger and Twitter user Juan Ayala recorded the altercation and posted it to social media, complete with this own bewildered commentary.

"It's too early for this shit." he says, basically summing it up.

It's not clear what set off the scuffle. Tung might have just gotten on the wrong damn train at the wrong damn time. Lushchinskaya can be seen kicking and slapping at Tung, and screaming, "Fuck off!"

At one point, Tung kicks back. Then in a moment of eerie calm, Lushchinskaya removes her sunglasses, pulls her hair back and arranges belongings in her purse... before launching into an attack, wildly kicking and stabbing her extended umbrella at Tung in the crowded car.

A handful of passengers intercede and try to get Lushchinskaya to calm the fuck down. Still, in the time-honored public transportation tradition of mind-ya-own-business, other passengers simply ignore the escalating confrontation. But it's too hard to ignore. Props to the guys who attempt to get in between them.

"You're not letting me hit her back!" Lushchinskaya wails, while trying to get in some extra kicks.

"You come and touch me and I will touch you right back," Tung says, not backing down. "I don't give a fuck."

Shout out to the Chinese dude who grabs the umbrella and actually attempts to reason with Lushchinskaya, noting that everybody in the car is clearly a witness to her attack. When she says she doesn't give a fuck, he dares her, "OK. Call the cops. I don't give a fuck." Nobody gives a fuck.

Well, Ayala does. "Actually, don't," he chimes in. "Because you're going to make us all late for work."

Let's be honest: he's just saying what everybody's thinking.

It looks like things are calming down when Lushchinskaya, now making a phone call but clearly still agitated, spits at no one in particular, then declares, "Fucking chink."

And there it is. The train car -- largely filled with people of color -- erupts with unified acknowledgement of her true colors. Her racism isn't just showing; she unfurled her racist flag and flew it. Nobody's having it.

"Your white privilege ain't working over here, yo," Ayala says. "Fuck outta here with that racist shit."

The ordeal reportedly ended when the cops arrived on the scene and arrested her at the 36th Street station, but not before Ayala himself had to physically grab Lushchinskaya and detain her. Citizen's arrest!

Tung, by the way, is okay.

"I'm lucky that it was just keys and an umbrella and not a gun," Tung tells the New York Daily News.

Her message to Ms. Lushchinskaya: "Please get help."

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