That Time Hasan Minhaj Got Hilariously Dragged... by His Dad

'Patriot Act' host once got sent to the principal's office over a cheating scandal.

Comedian Hasan Minhaj, host of Netflix's Patriot Act, was recently on The Tonight Show to take part in a segment called "Storytime," in which he and host Jimmy Fallon told real-life stories. The designated theme: embarrassing parents. Minhaj told a story about the time in high school when he masterminded a cheating scam -- and got caught. Called into the principal's office, the real reckoning came when the school called Minhaj's dad... who showed up and proceeded to embarrass the hell out of him.

Check it out:

And then there was the time Hasan's dad caught a pigeon with his bare hands.

Yeah. Hasan's dad is pretty damn gangster.

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