Stop ordering spicy noodles with no spice

A personal message from the CEO of Xi'an Famous Foods.

Look, if you go to Xi'an Famous Foods and order your noodles "not spicy" -- honestly, what's the point? -- then complain that the food is "too bland," that shit is on you. I'm sorry, but you have made a bad life choice.

The New York City noodle chain has an important advisory for its customers: "Not Spicy = Not As Good." Xi'an's CEO Jason Wang recently posted a "personal message" to customers at the company's 14 locations, warning people that if they order certain menu items as "not spicy," they may be disappointed. You can have it the way you want it. Just know that the way you want it... does not taste good.

The letter was apparently written in response to Yelp reviews complaining that the restaurant's "food sucks because its so bland and tastes like nothing to me." If you're familiar with Xi'an's signature dishes, you know this assessment has to be inaccurate... unless you're specifically ordering them without any heat at all.

Like I said, then what's the point?

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