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Why aren't more Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in Biden's Cabinet?
"Biden made promises along the campaign trail, but never went the full measure to build the big tent or act affirmatively beyond his comfort area. Nor did his advisors, all decent individuals, fully engage a greater circle to seek out talent beyond their frame of mind."

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Why Koreans pointed out two 'Joes' at inauguration
The last name of the head of President Biden's Secret Service detail, David Cho, is pronounced like "Jo," and Koreans had jokes.

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'She's Black and Indian Like Me': What Seeing Kamala Harris Means to 6-Year-Old Sumaya
The Singh-Sidibe family talks about the impact Kamala Harris getting sworn in.

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Prabal Gurung on What It Means To Dress Kamala Harris
Nepalese American fashion designer Prabal Gurung discusses the emotional impact of seeing America's first female, Black, and South Asian Vice President wear his designs.

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Memories of the I-Hotel
Warren Mar shares memories of the fight for the tenants of the International Hotel and coming of age in San Francisco during the radical movements of the late 1960s and '70s.

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'Our hearts are hurting': Elderly Chinese isolated as SF dim sum restaurants shutter in pandemic
Cheung Yinching and her husband discuss the meaning dim sum brings to their lives — and how the pandemic has changed their weekly tradition.

Making of 'Minari': How Lee Isaac Chung Created a Unique American Story Rarely Seen Onscreen
With a predominantly Korean American cast and crew, writer-director Lee Isaac Chung says of his film Minari, "This is probably the first time something like this could have been made."

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Riz Ahmed Makes Some Noise
With his buzzy performance in Sound of Metal -- which required him to learn sign language and drumming -- plus a new wife and a booming company, actor and rapper Riz Ahmed is having his loudest year yet.

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The Backstory 'Cobra Kai' Should Tell
Cobra Kai has given plenty of context and backstory to certain characters. Why not tell Mr. Miyagi's story?

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The Big Boss (and Bruce Lee’s cultural legacy) Turns 50
Lots of people are stars, but only a very few stars are icons.

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