Your Halloween Costumes 2023

Our annual gallery of awesome reader-submitted Halloween costumes.

Happy Halloween! You know what that means. Every year, I put the call out for photos of your awesome costume photos for our annual Angry Asian Halloween Costume gallery -- starring you, the amazing readers and supporters of this website. It has become an extremely popular feature, and something I look forward to sharing every year (especially the adorable kid costume photos). Please keep them coming!

Check it. Here's the first round of photos, with more costumes coming...

Chicken Jockey from Minecraft.

Wither Storm with a command block from Minecraft. (I have no idea what any of that means.)

Cow dog and wrangler.


Jensen Huang, CEO/Founder of NVIDIA

TIE Fighter and Harry Potter

Emmy is an Emmy Award statue and Rainey is a rainbow.

"It's raining cats and pugs!"

Edward Scissorhands and Lydia Deetz of Beetlejuice

Go Diego Go!

Beware the Haunted Sewing Kit


Toilet-bound Hanako-kun and Chihiro (with No Face!)

Everybody loves Waymond.

Converted stroller as Lightning McQueen

Elizabeth Holmes and her scammy blood machine.

Pikachu and Care Bear

Across the Spider-verse


Either a lion or a naked Ewok

Yayoi Kusama

Strong Zero

Watcha gonna do

Barefoot Transformers

Shadowheart from Baldur’s Gate 3

Ken and Writer Barbie

It’s Morphin Time!

Mali needs to see some ID

Mutant Mayhem!

Evelyn Hot Dog Hands and Ali Wong

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