toby dawson's birth parents

Last year during the Winter Olympics, U.S. skier and bronze medalist Toby Dawson told reporters that he was looking for his birth parents. He was born in Korean but adopted by American ski instructors in Colorado at age three.

Through all the publicity, a number of people came forward claiming to be Dawson's parents, including a guy named Kim Jae-soon, who said he actually lost Toby ("Bong-seok") at a market in 1981. Looking at his photo, there was definitely a strong resemblance.

Now, "Awesome" Dawson has learned through genetic testing that Kim is indeed his father: U.S. skier Dawson to claim Korean bus driver as his biological father. More here: DNA Test Confirms Busan Man Fathered Ski Ace. He's in Korea now to meet his long-last family face-to-face. I hope it goes well.

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