extras for psa with beau sia

For folks in Southern California, if you're not busy this Sunday morning, here's something to do... Got this call for Asian American extras for a public service announcement they're shooting in downtown Los Angeles on April 1st, featuring poet Beau Sia:

Call for Asian American extras of all ethnicities and ages!

We are looking for a diverse range of people for a public service announcement that is going to be filmed on April 1st in Downtown Los Angeles from 8:30am - 12:30pm.

The PSA is written by Beau Sia to be aired on AZN tv in the month of May. We want to show the diversity of Asian America. Extras will not have to speak, just be present behind Beau in the shot.

Please send a photo and RSVP to asianamericanpsa@gmail.com if you are interested.

Meals and parking will be provided, as well as a small stipend.

Here is Beau's most recent work:


Sounds like it could be a really fun experience. Beau turned a lot of heads recently with his frank and thoughtful "Open Letter to All the Rosie O'Donnells," so let's hope this is piece for AZN is as interesting and provocative.

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