michael kang's west 32nd to premiere at tribeca

Should've mentioned this sooner... my man Michael Kang's new feature film West 32nd will make its world premiere next month at the Tribeca Film Festival. Here's the description blurb from Tribeca's press release:
West 32nd, directed by Michael Kang, written by Michael Kang and Edmund Lee. (U.S.A.) – World Premiere. After hustling his way onto a homicide case, an ambitious young lawyer (John Cho) infiltrates the gritty Korean underworld of New York, searching for clues. When he meets his match in the syndicate, they'll both do anything to get to the top. It's a raw and thrilling race. In English and Korean.
I know you've been looking forward to seeing this one. It's gonna be a party. The Tribeca Film Festival runs April 25-May 6. More info to come...

UPDATE:The West 32nd website has been updated with a nifty splash page with a first look at the movie. Not much there yet, but it does include a link to the trailer, so take a look.

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