idiot baseball fans in toledo

South Korean outfielder Shin-Soo Choo was promoted to the big leagues last week by the Cleveland Indians, but not without having to deal with some dumbass fans first. Earlier this month, when Class AAA Buffalo, the Indians' top farm club, played in Toledo, fans apparently associated him Seung-Hui Cho, the Virginia Tech shooter, and booed him when he took the field: Choo hears boos for wrong reason
Some fans said bad things," said Choo before Monday's game. "It's pretty close to my name. My name is spelled Choo, and his name is Cho."

When asked what the fans were saying, Choo wouldn't say.

"It upset me when a couple of fans talked like that," he said.
Hey fans, you're a bunch of idiots. I know any athlete has to take their share of razzes and boos, but this is just jacked up. And let's face it—that's racist! They see a foreign name, and hey, it sounds like that other Korean guy who killed all those people! That's not only disrespectful to Choo here, it's disrespectful to the all the victims at Virginia Tech, being invoked in a baseball field taunt. Ridiculous.

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