interview with reverend soong-chan rah

Here's a really interesting interview in Christianity Today with Rev. Soong-Chan Rah, who spearheaded the protest movement against Lifeway's racist Rickshaw Rally curriculum a few years back, and more recently, racially insensitive content in Zondervan's Skits That Teach: Speaking Up for Asian Americans. Remember, these materials featured egregious Asian stereotypes intended to be seen and heard by Christian youth. Pretty horrible thought, considering that for a lot kids, these stereotypes and caricatures might actually be their first interaction with Asian peope and culture. While the controversy over Rickshaw Rally caused a ruckus, it never seemed to pick up support, and publisher Lifeway refused to acknowledge any harm or wrongdoing on their part. However, Rev. Rah's dealings with Zondervan proved to be quite productive, with the publisher apologizing and taking drastic measures to rectify the situation. It was a small victory, and yet a very big deal.

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