sanjaya's hot sister

For those of you coming in late, you might not have known that Sanjaya Malakar actually auditioned for American Idol along with this sister Shyamali, who didn't make the cut. While Sanjaya has gone on to certifiable infamy, with interested parties tracking his every off-key note and hairstyle each week, his sister has actually achieved a great deal of notoriety in her own right. You see, it turns out Shyamali is a bit of a babe, and she's pretty darn popular on the internets. According to Yahoo, searches for Sanjaya's sister spike each Tuesday after the Idol broadcast and are up 211% this week alone: For the Love of Shyamali. As the article notes, "rarely has someone done so little to earn this much interest." Another theory: maybe she's the reason why everyone's voting for Sanjaya. They all want to see that three-second glimpse of her in the audience... Oh yeah, she's got a MySpace here.

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