make air, not war

I should have mentioned this film a long time ago... I saw the crowd-pleasing documentary Air Guitar Nation a few weeks back at the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival, and had a blast. The film chronicles the rise of the U.S. Air Guitar Championships, following the personal stories of the nation's top competitors on their journey to win the international title in Finland, and the quest for supreme legendary airness. Yes, you read the right. Airness. This is the world of air guitar, where actual musical ability means absolutely nothing, and the power to rock without instruments means greatness. Representing the United States is David S. Jung, aka C-Diddy, who unleashes the "Asian Fury" onstage and takes it all the way to Europe. Following along like an annoying thorn in his side is his arch-nemesis Dan Crane, aka Bjorn Turoque, a worthy air rocker, but the biggest sore loser you're ever seen. It's the stuff good drama is made from.

The film is an entertaining, exciting, eye-opening look at a group of people who take their craft very seriously. And their craft happens to be playing invisible guitars. The competition is fierce, but C-Diddy brings it. I've never seen anyone be so good at doing absolutely nothing. He kicks ass at air guitar better than any instrument I will ever be able to play in my lifetime, virtual or otherwise. I know it sounds ridiculous. I know. But this is a great, fun film that deserves to be seen. Unfortunately, the New York and Los Angeles theater dates have passed... but it's still scheduled to play all over the place in coming weeks. Learn more about the film and future showtimes at the website. By the way, it's worth mentioning that Asian American air guitarists have completely dominated the U.S. competition for the last three years. Because we rock. Learn more about air guitar, and see video of the current U.S. champ Fatima Hoang at the U.S. Air Guitar Championships website.

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