much safer than a tattoo

Check out Sluptees, an online store specializing in Asian name t-shirts. Meaning, they sell apparel with Asian names printed on them. At the moment, they've got various shirts with ten of the most common Chinese and Korean family names: Chang, Chen, Chow, Chung, Lam, Lee, Mao, Wang, Wei, Wong, Wu, Yang, Ahn, Chang, Cho, Choi, Chung, Kim, Lee, Oh, Park, Yu. It's a pretty simple concept—I'm kind of surprised no one thought of it sooner. (Maybe someone already did.) They're just starting out, but it says they'll be adding additional names and styles. If your name isn't represented, I'm pretty sure they're willing to take requests. It's kind of sad if your name is the Korean "Lee." It's just a circle and a line. Kind of boring, you know? Let's face it, the Chinese "Lee" is much more interesting. I'm just saying.

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