see ya, get used to it, stanton

Last month radio host Barb Stanton in Victorville, CA made racist, disparaging remarks about East West Bancorp Inc's planned acquisition of Desert Community Bank, saying the merger would not be good for Desert Community customers or employees:
"Do you think they're going to say, 'Oh yes, there'll be a job for everybody?"' she asked. "Come on, it'll be a slow phase out we're gonna see more Chinese faces in the bank than ever before, I predict."
Ah, America. So welcoming. Where a radio host can make "Chinese faces" sound like "evil pirates" like it ain't no thing. Stanton went on to call the merger a "dirty little trick, a dirty little game," and said, "Oh yeah, it's going to be a big time for all, except for us, the true Americans... the big players have got it all laid out and panned out and unfortunately, we're going to be at the bottom of the pan." Those sneaky, nefarious, dirty Asians and their inscrutable plans: Radio host's take on bank merger draws response. And in case you had any doubt about her feelings towards "foreigners":
"Look, there is a Chinese-looking guy, I am not trying to be scurrilous towards him, a foreigner, let me say that, with the last name of Ing, Ng, I don't know how to pronounce it," she said. "I'd better get used to it, I guess."
Yeah, you'd better. That's racist! Dude, who the @%%& is Barb Stanton anyway? Some local nobody Coulter-wannabe spewing the usual xenophobic radio hate. More here: Radio talk show host denounces bank merger. According to this story, Stanton was subsequently suspended indefinitely from her on-air duties by Clear Channel: Radio Host Barbara Stanton suspended for on-air remarks. Good riddance.

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