casting: asian thug for death race

The following information was originally posted on the Canadian casting site Total Casting, a role in the upcoming remake of Death Race 2000:
Death Race "is an American film being shot in Montreal, starring Jason Statham and many other American stars to be confirmed. Based on the classic 1975 Paul Bartel film "Death Race 2000," this is the story of Jensen Ames, a man framed for a murder he did not commit and sent to a prison where the inmates compete in a merciless road rally to the death...

14K, very Tall, built or Big, Chinese American look, Ryu Tagashi is an inmate who races his car in the main jail event. Big, big, brute hard looking guy. Part of the triad gang. He has only one word in the script but we need someone who can act some mean brute facial expressions. Plays basketball. Driving permit a plus. 14K is a case study in controlled, calculated menace, a man with gang tattoos around his wrists and neck. he has a business degree from MITA determined competitor, he's the best man behind the wheel. All Asians type are welcomed or look like Asian. No experience ok. Please forward this breakdown to your friends and colleagues if you do not think of someone.
Ah, the big brute Asian triad thug, complete with tattoos and "brute facial expressions." Coming, once again, to a movie screen near you. In a Jason Statham movie, no less! And the character literally has one line in the script. One word, to be exact. Funny, that the producers are looking for a "Chinese American look," yet the character's name is "Ryu Tagashi." Not that they really care about the difference. Remember to look for the Asian guy in Death Race when this finally hits movie screens. You saw it here first.

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