hate crime on canal street

In New York, police are searching for a "pack of racial-epithet-spewing thugs" who jumped out of a car in Chinatown and beat up a group of men for no apparent reason: RACE-HATE BEATING IN CHINATOWN. It happened on Monday evening on Canal Street. According to the Post:
The episode unfolded at 6:40 p.m. Monday when at least two white men and two women started screaming anti-Chinese remarks from their car at a man on Canal Street, witnesses and police said.

When the man cursed back, the white men hopped out of their white 2007 Nissan and began beating him, police said.

They then began indiscriminately beating anyone who got in their way and screaming racial epithets and taunting them, "This is for the Korean War!"

"They just started hitting Chinese people. They were kicking and beating one guy and they were screaming 'F- - -ing Chinese. Stupid Chinese,' " said vendor Zong Zheng. When someone phoned police, several witnesses said one of the attackers flashed what appeared to be gun. The gang then drove off just before police arrived.
Seriously, this is simply blatant, unabashed racism. This group in the car were displaying their hate for all to see on a crowded Chinatown street, and they just didn't give a damn. It kind of reveals the pure disdain and disrespect of racists out there—to think so low of Asians as people, to view them as inhuman, that they can go out and insult and assault the first Asian dude they see on the street, in front of everyone. "This is for the Korean War!" What the hell does that even mean? They were lumping all Asians worldwide into some kind of monolithic punching bag. That's racist! And unfortunately, these assholes got in their car and drove off. Did anyone think to write down a freaking plate number? Is there any chance that somone will see justice for this?

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