film/music fundraiser event: soundtrack

For those of you in Los Angeles, there's a cool event happening this Saturday, August 11th called SOUNDTRACK, a fundraising event for a short film omnibus directed by 4 different filmmakers. It'll be a showcase of live performances, DJs, artists, short films and music videos at the Grandstar Jazz Club in Los Angeles' Chinatown. But the coolest thing, I think, will be the debut live performance of Jerry Chan's short film DJ:LA. I caught this film a couple of months back at VC Filmfest 2007, part of this year's Armed With a Camera Fellowship program, and absolutely loved it. Jerry's a talented guy, and he's put together something really cool. It's basically a hip hop soundtrack set to the streets of Los Angeles—but you really have to see it to get it. View it here. On Saturday night, three DJs will mix and scratch the sound effects and music live and in sync to the images on screen, creating a live soundtrack. Sounds pretty kickass. Saturday, August 11 from 9pm-2am at the Grandstar Jazz Club. For more info about the event, go here.

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