custom cleaners closes

Roy Pearson may not have been able to squeeze that $67 million out of the dry cleaners that allegedly lost his pants, but it appears that his ridiculous obsession has finally taken its toll. Last week, the Chungs announced that they were closing Custom Cleaners due to the emotional and financial strains of two long years of litigation: Dry Cleaning Shop to Close. While news of the lawsuit pretty much made Pearson the laughingstock of a nation, a lot of people didn't really consider the kind of hardship it created for the Chungs. Mrs. Chung apparently dropped four dress sizes from the stress of the whole ordeal. A family's financial and emotional stability ruined, all because Pearson, a sad, sad excuse for a human being, wasn't "satisfied" with his service. And he continues to pursue his appeal of the trial court verdict in favor of the Chungs. Outrageous. More here: Pants Update: The Dry Cleaners Shuts Down. The Chungs will now concentrate on running their original business, Happy Cleaners on Seventh Street NW in Washington DC. If you're in the area, why not patronize their shop?

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