win a ticket to see finishing the game

All right, Bay Area friends. If you're going to the Finishing the Game event tonight at the Asia Society (details here), here's an opportunity to score yourself some free tickets to see the movie when it opens this Friday. But it's gonna be kind of tricky. Here's the deal. At the event tonight, an AAM representative named Johnny will be standing around with some tickets. The first ten people to approach Johnny and utter the phrase, "You have offended me, and you have offended my family," will win themselves one ticket to see the 9:30pm screening of Finishing the Game this Friday, October 19th at the Bridge Theatre. I'm totally serious.

One ticket per person, please. You get one ticket, so that you'll compelled to bring a paying friend with you to the movie. But how will you know how to find Johnny? What does he look like, you ask? That's the fun part. You might have to say the secret phrase to a few strangers first. Fun, right? But here's a hint. He kind of looks like this (but like twenty years older). So see you at the Asia Society tonight! Find Johhny, say the phrase, win a ticket.

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