attorney investigated in voting rights case

The U.S. Department of Justice is investigating whether its lead attorney in a voting rights lawsuit against the City of Boston collected pay and travel-related expenses for the case while spending most of the time at a beach house on Cape Cod. Department lawyer Susana Lorenzo-Giguere supervised a case this summer seeking to win translation of candidates' names into Chinese characters on Boston election ballots... but while she was supposed to be working on the case, she allegedly spent half of June and much of July and August with her family at a house in Mashpee—all the while collecting her regular salary and $64 in per diem expenses for nearly every day during the summer: Department of Justice investigates attorney in Boston voting lawsuit

In the case this summer, Lorenzo-Giguere directed Department of Justice trial lawyers to seek a court order compelling Secretary of State William F. Galvin, whose office provides ballots for elections in cities and towns statewide, to print candidates names in Chinese on ballots for the city of Boston. The Justice Department's attempt was unsuccessful. Maybe it's because the lead lawyer was chillin' on the beach for most of the summer...

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