portrait of dalip singh saund unveiled in congress

Here's Speaker Nancy Pelosi's official statement on today's portrait unveiling of Congressman Dalip Singh Saund, the first Asian American Member of Congress:
This is truly an historic day. It is my pleasure to welcome to the Capitol of the United States, the People's House, the portrait of the first Asian American Member of Congress, the Honorable Dalip Singh Saund.

"As part of a series commissioned by the House Fine Arts Board to include historically significant Members of the House, this portrait of Congressman Saund joins the line of portraits of the first woman elected to the Congress, Jeanette Rankin; the first African American elected to the Congress, Joseph Rainey; and the first Hispanic American elected to the Congress, Romulado Pacheco.

"Dalip Singh Saund's life is the American dream. An immigrant from India, he came to this country to further his education and worked hard to build his life and care for his family, despite the discrimination that many Asians faced during the 1920s. Before he became a congressman, Saund supported immigrant rights and was part of the force to grant naturalization rights to Asian Indians and Filipinos, signed by President Truman in 1946.

"During his tenure in Congress, Saund continued to work for all Americans, so they too could fulfill their dreams. He was guided by the words in our Declaration of Independence, the ideas in our Bill of Rights, and his belief in the goodness of man.

"As Speaker of the House, and the Representative from California's 8th Congressional District in San Francisco, I am proud to have a diverse constituency, including a vibrant Asian American and Pacific Islander community that represents the beauty and strength of our country. I am proud that the halls of the Capitol reflect the beauty of America."
The portrait was unveiled today during an official ceremony within the halls of the United States Congress. He joins the portraits of six other Representatives considered historically important to the House.

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