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Girls Make History by Sweeping Top Honors at a Science Contest: This week, Isha Himani Jain of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania became part of history as one of three girls to win top honors in the Siemens Competition in Math, Science and Technology, one of the nation's most coveted student science awards.

Lone 'boy' on campus: Mohammad Usman is the most famous man at Wellesley College. Yes, Wellesley—the women's college. Known by many simply as "The Boy," he's been at Wellesley this fall as part of a semester-long exchange program. And no doubt, the envy of all his male friends.

Chinese-American scholar's work going digital: The prolific work of "accidental" Chinese American historian Him Mark Lai, up to now not readily available to the general public, will become part of an online digital archive, thanks to the Chinese Historical Society of America.

Laguna Niguel resident cooks on Rachael Ray show: Chun Mae Hauschka was recently one of five contestants to compete on "So You Think You Can Cook," a contest of The Rachael Ray Show. Unfortunately, she was the first to be eliminated from the competition.

Cardinals release Japanese outfielder Taguchi: The St. Louis Cardinals have released outfielder So Taguchi after six seasons with the team, in order to make room on their roster for their Rule 5 draft pick. Sorry, So.

Dr. Bong Hak Hyun, MD, D.Sc., accomplished physician: Last week, note physician and humanitarian Dr. Bong Hak Hyun passed away. He was 85. Dr. Hyun was referred by many in the community as the "Korean Schindler" for his role in planning a rescue that saved the lives of 100,000 during the Korean War.

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