university of virginia students charged in kidnapping

This is a weird story I'm told was making headlines in Virginia last week... According to police, two University of Virginia students apparently snatched a man off a street corner, tied him up in a motel bathroom, and demanded a $500,000 ransom. Guanyu Lu, 19, and Baichuan Shu, 19, both of Charlottesville, were charged with abduction with intent to extort money: Two U-Va. Students Charged in Kidnapping. The suspects, both second-year engineering students at Virginia, are Chinese nationals, as is their victim, a 20-year-old man who was living with a host family in McLean. The kidnappers used the victim's cellphone to make their demands, and police were able to pinpoint the motel after AT&T provided an approximate location as the origin of the calls. Dumbasses. Sounds like some people have been watching waaay too much bad American television...

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