anna mae he is going to china

ABC News has yet another story on the crazy saga of Anna Mae He, which appears to be drawing to a close of sorts: For the Love of Anna Mae. (As with previous articles reporting on this story, I feel like this one largely leans towards the Bakers' side of the conflict. But that's just me.) After years and years of legal battles and tears, the Hes are leaving for China today, February 9. Once out of the country, there's no guarantee when, or even if, they can return.

Before they left, for the sake of Anna Mae, they made one last effort to reconcile with the Bakers, the only family she knew and loved for most of her life. The Hes extended an invitation to the Bakers to help them celebrate Anna Mae's ninth birthday, which they accepted. I wonder how awkward that party was. Now, the He's are off to China, and there's no telling how this transition is going to rock Anna Mae's life. Best of luck to her...

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