asian students seek apology from r.i. governor's wife

Is this for real? A group of Southeast Asian students are seeking an apology from Sue Carcieri, the wife of Rhode Island's governor after she compared teenagers who criticized her husband to suicide bombers: Asian students seek apology from U.S. governor's wife for suicide bomber comment.
"First of all, I think they have mentors who are much older than them who are training them up. You know -- how those terrorists have kids blow up, you know, Benazir Bhutto and so forth? You think the kids thought of it? I don't think so," Carcieri was quoted as saying.
The calls for an apology are coming from the Providence Youth Student Movement, which tries to develop leadership among Asian youth. Carcieri made the remark on January 22 to a columnist for The Providence Journal in response to students who had called the governor's decision to lay off three Southeast Asian-language interpreters "racist." Wrong or right, these kids were speaking their mind. Does that really warrant likening them to terrorists? That's just talking out of your ass, First Lady.

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