crap cnn report on asian american voters

A CNN report on the Asian American vote that aired last week has been generating quite a bit of outrage from critics who are calling it insulting and inaccurate: Asian Americans Outraged by CNN Election Report.

The report essentially blames Asians' support of Hillary Clinton on their hesitancy to vote for a black president. The segment, which aired on Anderson Cooper 360 on February 8, showed various people with Asian accents unanimously speaking out one name—"(Hillary) Clinton"—when asked for whome they planned to vote. It went on to identify two major causes for Asian Americans' support of Clinton, according to viewers: that they were "fearful of a black presdiential candidate and/or fearful of change." View the segment here: Asian American To Vote For Hillary Clinton Across The Nation. There's also a transcript of the show here.

Wherever your political loyalities lie, or who you're supporting for President, it's offensive to suggest that all Asians' voting preferences are informed by racism and fear of change. I mean, the report goes as far as including a woman who says she's voting for "Clinton White Lady." Hell, there's even an Asian girl who says she's voting for "Lincoln." So not only are we racist, we're ignorant? The truth of the matter is, as much as the mainstream media would like to pigeonhole us as one kind of voter or another, in reality, there is no one Asian American vote. An online petition to CNN has been started here: Tell CNN to stop discrediting the Asian American Vote.

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