yi vs. yao, part 2

The sports world's biggest event went down this weekend, and no, it wasn't the Super Bowl... on Saturday night, the Houston Rockets played the Milwaukee Bucks, but more importantly, it was the rematch of 7'6" Yao Ming and 7-foot Yi Jianlian—a game expected to draw a television audience in China greater than the size of the Super Bowl: Lunar New Year Is Like Christmas. Their first matchup back in November was broadcast on four stations, including the government-run CCTV, and drew an audience of more than 200 million fans. Alas, last night's much-hyped Yao vs. Yi matchup didn't quite live up to its billing, with relatively quiet nights for China's greatest NBA stars. Houston beat Milwaukee, 91-83: Yao's Rockets beat Yi's Bucks

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