queens couple charged in death of infant

A Queens couple is facing charges in connection with the death of their infant daughter last year: Parents Charged in Death of Queens Infant. Their daughter, 10-month-old Annie Li, died on October 28, two days after she was put on life support and declared brain dead. Her wounds—including a skull fracture, broken legs and brain and eye injuries—were "consistent with the trauma of shaken baby syndrome," according to the district attorney's office.

The child's father Hang Bin Li, is charged with second-degree murder and other infractions, while the mother, Ying Li, is charged with second-degree manslaughter and other infracations. It's just sad. It sounds like they were a young couple who had no idea what they were doing. After injuring their daughter, they apparently called their parents in China to discuss her condition before seeking medical treatment. That's ridiculous. Parenting is hard... but it should never result in a tragedy like this.

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