stephen chow will star as kato in the green hornet

Oh man. My dreams have come true. Last week, Sony Pictures announced that Stephen Chow will not only star as Kato alongside Seth Rogen in the upcoming Green Hornet movie, he's signed on to direct the movie as well: Chow to Direct and Star in Green Hornet!

This news is nothing short of freaking awesome. The Green Hornet has been in development for a ridiculously long time, and I've always wondered who they'd get to play Kato... if the damn movie ever finally got made. We're now one step closer to that happening, and I'm extremely to hear about Stephen Chow's involvement.

We first started hearing newest round of speculation last year when one the unlikeliest of individuals, Seth Rogen, was tapped to write and star in The Green Hornet. Crazy choice, but why the hell not? When asked who he'd like to play Kato, Rogen emphatically stated that Stephen Chow would indeed by his first choice. In turn, when asked earlier this year if he'd be interested in the role, Chow said he was all for it, though at that point he hadn't been officially approached.

It looks as though the stars have aligned. Stephen Chow is an inspired choice to play Kato, especially since it looks like they're going in more of a comedic direction with the characters. And I'm relieved that things didn't pan out according to some of the rumors we heard this summer.

Now my only concern is whether this movie will be as good as the one of I'm hoping for in my head. More here: Stephen Chow to direct "Green Hornet." The movie is schedule for release on June 25, 2010.

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