hate crime victim forced to say "I love america"

We get news of a vicious hate crime in Colorado... Police in Boulder are investigating a case of bias-motivated assault and felony menacing involving a suspect who held a knife to the throat of an Asian American man and forced him to say "I love America" early Friday morning: Asian-American Assaulted, Forced to Say 'I Love America'

The 22-year-old victim was apparently walking down the street with friends, singing a song from the movie Team America(?), when they were confronted by four men. One of the suspects came up to the victim and began challenging him, asking "Do you think you are an American?" and calling the victim a "Chinaman."

According to the police press release, the main suspect punched the victim in the face. Then while holding a knife to the victim's throat, he punched him again and forced him to say "I love America." Then the suspect and his friends ran away. More here: Asian-American Assaulted, Forced to Say 'I Love America'

What the hell? This Asian guy can't just walk the street like everyone else without getting harassed, assaulted and humiliated in a completely unprovoked hate attack. Make no mistake—this guy was singled out and attacked for just being himself. An Asian man. That's racist!

The suspect was described as a 5-10 white male, about 19 or 20, with short blond hair. He was wearing a white tank-top T-shirt and black pants. Another assailant was described as a white male with a "very long goatee," wearing a long-sleeved gray sweatshirt. Anonymous tipsters can call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or 1-800-444-3776.

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