families of euna lee and laura ling going public

Laura Ling and Euna Lee, the American journalists who have been detained by the North Korean government since March 17, will stand trial next week, on June 4th. Up to now, their families have been relatively quiet due to the extreme sensitivity of the situation. But given the trial coming up, and the current nuclear standoff, they're now speaking out. Here's a letter from Laura's sister Lisa, sent over Facebook:
Hi everyone, it's Lisa Ling. Firstly, our families are deeply grateful
for your support and efforts to try to secure the release of Laura and
Euna. To say that this has been stressful would be to grossly
understate how hard this has been. Our families have been very quiet
because of the extreme sensitivity of the situation, but given the
fact that our girls are in the midst of a global nuclear stand-off, we
cannot wait any longer.

We have to speak out!

Our families will be on the Today Show on NBC in the 7AM block on
Monday morning --3 days before the June 4 trial (taking the time
differnce in consdieration). We will also be on the Larry King show on
CNN Monday night as well. Please help us urge both our government and
North Korea's to resolve this humanitarian issue. Help us stand up for
truth and two girls who just wanted to tell the world a story.

My deepest and most sincere thanks,
Their families will be appearing on various news shows to bring attention and draw support to Euna and Laura's plight. That's this Monday, June 1, on NBC's Today Show (7:00am block) and CNN's Larry King (9:00pm EST, 6:00pm PST). There will also be vigils held all around the country on June 3:
June 3rd in the States is June 4th in North Korea, the day the trial starts.


Washington, D.C.
VIGIL Organizers: Asia Liu, Max Neubauer, Wesley Della Volla, Daniel Beckmann, Joseph Hong

New York, NY
VIGIL Organizers: Danielle Chang, Gwendolyn E. Lindsay-Jackson, Crystal Sun Kim

VIGIL Organizers: Rose Tibayan, Nancy Loo

Birmingham, AL
VIGIL Organizers: Lisa Anderson, Max Neubauer

Portland, OR
VIGIL Organizers: Meghan Miller Jedrzejczyk, Max Neubauer

San Francisco, CA
VIGIL Organizers: Lynn Perkins, Mike Shen, Gibson Pearl

Los Angeles, CA
VIGIL Organizers: Welly Yang, Kristiana Velasco, Joe Omar Gonzales, Joyce Mar

National Organizer: Brendan McShane Creamer
Email address: blove73@msn.com
Phone 215.699.4338

Please bring candles for the vigils.
We hope you can make it.
Now more than ever, it's extremely important that people are made aware of Euna Lee and Laura Ling's situation. To learn more, visit this Facebook group, which is being regularly updated with information on what you can do to help. Spread the word. Free Euna and Laura!

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