damn. I need to hit the gym.

Witnessed some minor madness on the internets yesterday when the girls of Disgrasian selected this guy and his strategically placed jacket for their weekly "Babewatch" feature (that's actually a cropped photo above). A Facebook freak-out ensued, eliciting comments like "OH MY GOD," "Sweet Jebus," and "Holy horses--t he's hotter than hammered hell."

This finely sculpted man is Daniel Liu, who recently signed a contract with Ford Models and can be seen in the upcoming Uniqlo fall/winter campaign. He also happens to be the cousin of our friend Joz over at 8Asians. She blogged about him earlier this month: Introducing Daniel Liu: Asian Male Model (and My "Little" Cousin).

Craziness. I'm serious -- one lady friend I sent his photo link to simply responded with "OMG OMG OMG" over and over again. With so much fuss over her cousin, Joz followed up by posting some more photos. Enjoy: More of my cousin, Daniel Liu (or maybe a little too much!)

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