sasha gong stereotypes asian american voters

Saw this over on Asian Pacific Americans for Progress, and I'm just kind of baffled. This is from a post over at Blue Commonwealth: Bizarre Comments by Republican Opponent of Charniele Herring.

Sasha Gong is running for Virginia's House of Delegates in the 46th District. She recently met with the Republican Women of Clifton, where she said some really intriguing things about Asian American voters:
"When you speak with Asian immigrants and hear heavily accented English, they are usually Republicans. If an Asian-American speaks General American English, he is usually a Democrat."
Wow. Thanks for breaking that down, Sasha. Generalize, much? What's funny, is that in the same address, she goes on to declare that, "Democrats pigeonhole people and regard them as stereotypes. Republicans regard people as individuals." Yikes. Who's doing the stereotyping?

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