white guy stars as asian comic book hero

More white people playing Asians! Hey, it's the Hollywood way. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the very Caucasian star of the Disney Channel series Wizards of Waverly Place, will star in The Weapon, based on the Platinum Studios comic series: 'Waverly' star joins 'Weapon' adaptation.

David Henrie will star as martial arts enthusiast and inventor Tommy Zhou, "who has developed a ground-breaking portable innovation that an evil order will stop at nothing to steal." Evil orders tend to do that.

I am not familiar with The Weapon, but from what I've read about it, Tommy Zhou is indeed an Asian character. David Henrie, who I had never even heard of before reading this news item, is not an Asian person. Hooray for Hollywood, you've done it again. That's racist!

No matter -- young Mr. Henrie is just excited that "[his] Disney audience will enjoy the empowerment and action-filled journey [his] character experiences." Yes, perhaps even enough to look the other way when they find out that Tommy Zhou is supposed to be Chinese American.

Hey, how about empowering a young Chinese American actor instead? Ha hahahahaha. I know, I'm sorry. That's practically unthinkable. Hollywood, casting actual Asians as Asian heroes? No way. That's just silly. More here: Disney's David Henrie Is 'The Weapon' For Platinum Studios.

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