jon and kate this ain't

Whatever, Jon and Kate. Eight kids? That's nothing. This is a crazy story out of the U.K. about Rachael Savory and Jay Wong, who, after having 10 children in just 12 years, finally got married -- fourteen years after they became engaged. I guess they were busy: 'I (finally) do': Couple squeeze in a wedding at long last - after having TEN children in 12 years.

Naturally, their six daughters and four sons -- aged from 22 months to 14 years -- were bridesmaids and page boys at the ceremony.

Like the Gosselins, the Wong family started off with twin girls, Olivia and Jasmine. A whole bunch of kids soon followed: Robyn, Molly, Tyler, Kai, Cody, Logan, Izabella and Riley. With one kid after another, you can see why they might have found it difficult to squeeze in a wedding.

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Wong. Whatever you do, do not put your family on a reality television show. If TLC comes calling, just hang up the phone. Everyone will be better off.

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