man sentenced to 10 years for drowning death

On Friday in Chicago, a Cook County judge sentenced 33-year-old John Haley to 10 years in prison for the drowning death of fisherman Du Down, who he pushed in to Montrose Harbor two years ago: Man gets 10 years in fisherman's drowning.
"This was a cowardly act, pushing an elderly man who he could not even look in the eye ... and this defendant thought that was funny," Circuit Judge John P. Kirby said. "These actions are reprehensible and should not be allowed in civilized society."
You're damn right it was cowardly. At trial, prosecutors alleged that Haley intended to kill the victim, while defense attorneys argued that Haley was drunk and seeking a thrill when he pushed Doan, who couldn't swim, into the harbor as his back was turned. That's not thrill-seeking -- that's being an asshole with someone else's life.

You know what? I don't even think Haley intended to kill Mr. Doan. I think he saw a helpless old Asian guy, and decided to make him a victim... without really caring about the consequences. This blatant disregard for another life is what got him the sentence. He didn't view Mr. Doan as human -- he was simply an object to push into the lake and laugh about.

Involuntary manslaughter carries a sentence ranging from probation to five years in prison, but Haley's prior felony drug conviction allowed the judge to extend the prison term to ten years. Have fun in there, Haley. More here: John Haley sentenced for pushing fisherman in Lake Michigan.

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