south philly high's problems start with the administration

Here's a commentary in the Philadelphia Inquirer about the school violence crisis at South Philadelphia High School, which basically echoes what Asian American students have been saying all along -- that school officials did nothing to stop the violence: Phila. school violence abetted by Pa. officials.

Can you blame the students walking out? This has actually been happening for years, but the December 3 attack was the last straw. They felt the only way to bring attention to this problem was to boycott South Philly High. This isn't just a problem with unresponsive school administrators -- it's a systemic issue that runs through the entire school district.

Meanwhile, here's some background on South Philadelphia High School principal LaGreta Brown, who apparently a troubled record and is no stranger to controversy. Brown left her last principal job in Atlantic City when she resigned ahead of a school board vote on her dismissal: South Phila. High principal left A.C. post under pressure.

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