balloon boy's mom admits it was hoax... on tape!

As previously reported, newly released video interviews show Mayumi Heene, mother of the so-called "Balloon Boy," acknowledging to authorities the runaway balloon fiasco was all a hoax -- contrary to her husband's repeated public denials just before reporting to jail: Balloon boy mom's interviews contradict husband.

The video interviews obtained by the Fort Collins Coloradoan show Mayumi Heene telling sheriff's officials that last October's balloon launch, which captivated the entire country and led authorities on a crazy aerial chase, was all a hoax that she and her husband orchestrated to gain notoriety and land a reality TV show.

Their son Falcon, of course, was hiding at home during the balloon's five-hour ride, safe and sound. You'll remember that not too long afterwards, the youngster would utter six words -- on national television -- that would pretty much unravel the whole scheme: "... we did this for the show."

Mayumi Heene pleaded guilty to filing a false report and her husband, Richard Heene, pleaded guilty to attempting to influence a public servant. He began serving a 30-day jail sentence January 11. His wife will serve a 20-day sentence after him. Fifteen minutes of fame, plus 20-30 days in prison. Was it worth it?

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