seeking comedy writers/producers for asia uncut

I recently heard from Karen Lee, who is working on Asia Uncut with Jon Niermann, a new late-night style television show based in Shanghai that will air in English all over Asia. It's a legit show with celebrity guests and a fairly large international audience.

They're currently searching high and low to find more talented Asian comedy writers and producers to contribute to the show:
"The Tonight Show"-style show in Shanghai looking for English-language
writers and segment producers. The show is called "Asia Uncut with
Jon Niermann" and airs globally on Star World Satellite in 120 million
homes spread about Asia and the Middle East. Producers are looking
for comedy writers, segment producers and on-air talent. For talent
we want people who are able to write their own comedic material - in
other words, a writer/performer or comedian. We want to produce
content in the form of sketches, entertainment news and events that
feature a correspondent. Particularly interested in finding
English-speaking writers and producers based in New York City, Los
Angeles, Singapore, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Manila,
Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing, Taipei, Mumbai, Dubai, Abu Dhabi. Must be very
in touch with local culture and entertainment. Please submit resume,
sample clips, sample scripts if applicable and headshot if applicable.
Must be able to write or produce content that is Asian/Pacific/Middle
East themed, that fits the style of a late-night show, and that is in
the form of sketches, comic segments covering events, celebrity
interviews or man-on-the-street humor. Please contact
I'm told that all the main faces on the show right now are white -- and it's not for lack of trying otherwise. They've apparently held casting calls in Shanghai and Hong Kong, but nearly all the applicants have been white. Come on!

Maybe this is you. Have you got what it takes? Maybe you know someone who does. All I know is, a Shanghai-based talk show that airs all over Asia should feature some Asian faces on it, don't you think?

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