slackistan trailer

I am intrigued by the trailer for Slackistan, an upcoming indie feature directed by Hammad Khan, about a group of twentysomething friends hanging out in Islamabad. Here's the short synopsis from the website:
A group of twenty-something friends hang out in the rich neighbourhoods of the federal capital city aka 'Isloo.' Hasan flirts with both filmmaking dreams, as well as secret crush Aisha. But a daily routine of cruising around town with his cocky, status-obsessed buddy Sherry could keep Hasan from escaping the existential bubble he is trapped in.
I don't know much about the movie, but it has a great title, and the potential to be a cool, stereotype-busting little indie. Because really, why should only young white Americans have the monopoly on slacker cinema? For more information about the movie, go to the Slackistan website here.

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