dr. u's got you covered, from zambia to san diego

This is a really cool story from a couple of weeks back about Dr. Hoi Sang U, a neurosurgeon whose goodwill connected him with a patient halfway around the world -- in Zambia -- and back: Surgeon’s good will reaches Africa.

Two years ago, Dr. U traveled to a Zambian hospital on a volunteer medical mission to operate on blind patient Mulenga Kaluba. He was able to remove a tumor behind Kaluba's right eye.

When the tumor returned, U, a professor of neurological surgery at the University of California San Diego Medical School, raised money to bring Kaluba to the United States for a second operation.

From arranging funding for medical costs, to giving Kaluba's family a place to stay, Dr. U committed himself to his patient. After picking up Kaluba and his wife at the airport, he even took them to In-N-Out Burger for their first taste of American food. Best Doctor Ever.

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