john park is in american idol's top 24

The rumors are true! Last night, it was finally confirmed that John Park has made American Idol's Top 24. Very good news. The Korean American college student from Northbrook, Illinois is a talented singer, and I'm looking forward to seeing him shine on TV's most popular show. He's got my vote.

But yo, John, I'm really happy for you... but where have you been? After a kickass audition in Chicago, we know you went to Hollywood... but we barely saw you at all. I know you were around. There glimpses of you here and there, but like Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster, sightings were pretty scarce. I hope we get to see a lot more of John Park from here on out. Come on, Idol -- show him some love!

And man, how awesome was it to see Andrew Garcia make it into the Top 24? The guy is a cool cat, but he couldn't help but lose it a little when he found out. Oh, you don't know Andrew? Watch him do this badass cover of Paula Abdul's "Straight Up." Totally serious. I'm definitely rooting for Andrew too.

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