there goes the neighborhood

Laughed my ass off when I saw this.... I read the The Berenstein Bears books as a kid... but I don't remember ever coming across this one. New neighbors roll into town, and look who's not so happy about it. I looked up The Berenstein Bears' New Neighbors on Amazon. Here's the official description:
A new family moves in across the street from the Berenstain Bears. It's the Panda Bears, and Papa Bear is a little bent out of shape because they're...different. But nothing stops Brother and Sister from making friends with the new cubs. When the adults follow suit, they all learn a valuable lesson in acceptance and the dangers of bigotry.
A valuable lesson indeed. As you can see from the cover, there is something very strange and different -- dare I say exotic -- about the Berenstein Bears' new neighbors. And Papa Bear is not happy about it at all. The secret is out. Papa Bear is racist! (Thanks, Brandon.)

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