daniel dae kim and the end of lost

Have you been watching Lost. Ack! I can't believe we're so close to the end. Did you watch last week's Jin/Sun-centric episode? Love those Kwons. How awesome was Daniel Dae Kim in that scene where Jin finally saw the photos of Sun and Jiyeon? Holy moly. When will our favorite Korean couple finally find each other?

Here are a couple of good interviews with Daniel Dae Kim, who talks about the series winding down, what we might see in the finale, Jin and Sun's ultimate role in all this, and the on-set injury that sent him to the emergency room.

This one's from E! Online: Is Lost the New DWTS? Daniel Dae Kim Reveals On-Set Injury, Dishes on "Powerful" Finale.

And another good one from TV Guide: Lost's Daniel Dae Kim: Neither Sun nor Jin May Be the Candidate. How will it all end?

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