east high: 'orientals' mascot has got to go

This column, by Bob Dyer of the Akron Beacon Journal, explains why East High's mascot, the Orientals -- yes, this is their actual mascot -- is ridiculous and wrong: 'Orientals' not the same as 'Texans.' I cannot imagine what the chants and cheers at their football games must be like.

I don't know what's more ridiculous -- that someone has to devote an entire column to explain why this mascot is wrong, or the fact that there are so many defenders of the "Orientals." Dyer suggests that this is a perfect time for the school to change the mascot, and has the perfect nickname: The East High Dragons. It's a hell of a lot better than "Orientals." And someone, please, change the font on the school's website.

UPDATE: Here's a Facebook group that has been started in an effort to urge East High School to change its school mascot: The Ad Hoc Committee to Encourage East High to Become "the Dragons."

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